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Science for Democracy is an international platform of scientists and academics that promote the affirmation of the “right to science” through a dialog between the scientific community and decision-makers all over the world at different levels.

There are a lot of ways to get involved with Science for Democracy. You can join as a scientist-volunteer one of our projects, suggest a new area of action or simply support our actions with a contribution.


Science for Democracy’s activities span from the promotion of the right to science at the United Nations to the organisation of the World Congress of Freedom of Scientific Research, to direct actions such as the engagement in European Citizens Initiative for the respect of the rule of law, carbon pricing and genome editing. We are constantly committed to increase the awareness on the biggest challenges of our time and design evidence-based solutions, through the organisation and participation of conferences, symposia, events.

Your contribution can help us to increase the reach and the potential of all our initiatives.



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What you can do:  Share your knowledge
Science for Democracy, with Associazione Luca Coscioni and the International Human Rights Clinic of the Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, completes Shadow reports on the Implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Each report is country-specific and provides a complementary tool to the official State Report. They aim to call the attention on issues that are not raised by governments in their formal communications to the supervisory body. The shadow reports are addressed to UN human rights bodies, as well as to those of regional organizations, and inform the ‘Concluding Observations’ document, where the supervisory body shares concerns and recommendations for the interested State.
What you can do: Help our research
RSDI is a powerful tool to monitor the respect and promotion of the right to health and the right to science in the world, with a comparative measure. The RSDI focuses on domestic legislation and ranks countries through:
  1. Selection of areas of scientific research and medical treatment,
  2. Identification of legal and regulatory indicators,
  3. Point allocation,
  4. Data collection,
  5. Visualization and result ranking.
What you can do: Sign and share
Launched at 5th meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research in 2018, the appeal calls governments to respect and promote the human right to science. The appeal advocates for the free development and access to science progress, for transparency, inclusion, and promotion of scientific culture and education. Moreover, the states are asked to dedicate a specific section of the periodic report to the UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights to science.

What you can do: share, promote and join a committee.
Science for Democracy is currently involved in multiple European Citizens’ Initiatives. An European Citizens’ Initiative is an official request to the European Commission on matters of its competence. In order to be considered by the Commission, an European Citizens’ Initiative needs to gather 1 million signatures of EU citizens across at least 7 member states. Below you can find the list of ECIs that Science for Democracy is currently supporting: Formyrights.eu – for the respect of the rule of law in the European Union, StopGlobalWarming.eu – a price for carbon to fight climate change – GrowScientificProgress – on genome editing and new breeding technique regulations. 

What you can do: Share, Advocate and Engage We are happy to promote, co-organise and take part into events for the promotion and advocacy of the themes related to the right to science. Explore our website to learn more about our campaigns, from the rule of law to human health, from freedom of research to science-informed policies. Public events and workshops have been a powerful tool to engage new members, spread our message, and strengthened beneficial collaborations with individuals and external organisations or groups. Science for democracy is particularly involved in its international development. Contact us to discover whether we are already present in your area, and how to start a new local team.
What you can do: Let us know – Our next campaign could be yours
With our activity, we aim to promote the right to science in all its declinations. To do so, we are willing to develop our campaigns to address new issues that violate the right to science. If you are facing a limitation of your right to science, to benefit from scientific progress, to research or to health, contact us. If compatible with our work, your need might become part of our next campaign.